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Secure With Sachin

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Someone’s sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree long time ago

Warren Buffet

My Mission

I am Sachin Palan, a licensed insurance and financial advisor. I am here to help you secure the future for you and your family.  It is never too early to think about the future, and it is never too late to start building a strong financial portfolio.

I strongly believe in my clients feeling empowered in their financial decisions. I offer a variety of financial and insurance products to fit your needs and will dedicate the time and diligence you deserve to find the right fit for you.

Let’s discuss the right plan for you so you can watch your finances blossom! 

Insurance & Investments

Find the right plan to grow your wealth and cover your risks


LIC offer a wide spectrum of insurance policies to fit your needs and budget. As an insured LIC agent, I am qualified to provide robust recommendations and walk you through all the details of the plan so you can make an informed decision without worrying about the technical jargon.

I value your business, but your peace of mind is more important to me; so rest assured, you will never be coaxed into buying something that you do not need.


Investing is a great way to put your hard earned money to work and potentially grow your wealth. Whether it is saving for retirement or kids’ education or any other major life events, you can count on your sound investments to help you pay the bills and reap the rewards of your hard work. Investing is often looked upon as confusing and complex, which is the most common reason people miss out on great investment opportunities.

I can present several different investment options for you based on your short and long term goals. Contact me to discuss the best investment option for you!

Investment Options for NRIs

What better way to grow your wealth by bringing it back to your roots

Stay Connected To Your Roots

As a non-resident Indian, you can stay connected to your roots not just emotionally but also financially! Indian financial institutions offer higher interest rates than the ones in several other countries.

In addition to great interest rates, LIC options offer you the added benefit of risk coverage in case of unforeseen events. Contact me to find out more about the options that work for you!

I am available on WhatsApp on a flexible schedule and also happy to schedule a call to answer any questions you may have at a mutually convenient time.

About Me

You deserve to know that you are in good hands when making important decisions for your future.

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